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Batch Photo Resizer

A useful little program that resizes a bunch of large jpeg, gif or bmp files to smaller sizes (or vice versa, but that would be silly).

Resizer Program Screenshot

Resizer Program Screenshot

This program has been extended to support generation of thumbnails and XML files for the Silverlight product.
For see Codeplex and Vertigo
It has also been extended to generate gallery.xml files for the simpleviewer
Click here for Silverlight.
Click here for the instruction manual (Word document).

This program is supplied as is, no warranty is offered or implied.
This program is free from spyware, adware and viruses.
This program is offered for personal use only. If you want to use it commercially, or if you need new features adding, contact me and we can talk.
This program requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 which can be found here
This program will only run on late model Intel/AMD PCs with Microsoft operating systems preferably XP or Vista. Sorry it will not run on Apple or 'NIX boxes.
I accept no responsibility for loss or damage incurred through the use of this program.

You can download the program here


(See the manual for more detailed instructions)
Copy the exe file to somewhere useful (desktop? wherever...).
Run the exe.
Set the source directory.
Choose the width you want.
Press 'resize now'
Wait until the progress bar says 'completed'
Your resized images will be in a sub-folder in the source folder, and it's name will be the width.
WARNING the program will overwite anything it finds in this sub-folder with the same name as the source files.

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